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Delacion is currently poised for expansion in both domestic and foreign markets. We believe our innovative approach to devising and deploying technology solutions is going to be a tremendous success, allowing us to penetrate areas of the market that are not appealing to traditional software vendors and technology consultants. Furthermore, our ability to mature our solutions into customizeable products in parallel, so they may be marketed to wider audiences, means that as our client-base and services revenue grows, so will our product porftolio.

The process of solving unique business problems and rethinking systems integrations through the context of the modern industry, using a completely clean slate and the latest in web technology, will lead us into niche markets prior to the paradigm-shifts that often precede the mass-adoption of new solutions. At Delacion we fully expect to be at the forefront of these new trends as an industry partner in the movement, helping and enabling market change for the benefit of all.

We are currently seeking investment to fuel the marketing of our existing products, as well as fund the research and development of our next stage of solutions. Our executive brief is available by request. In addition, we are happy to share our full business plan with parties that have a serious interest in our venture.

Please direct inquiries to investorrelations@delacion.com.
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