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With Delacion PoliSuite organizations can empower producers with the tools to conduct business online.

Intuitive interfaces simplify everything from complex rating and quoting, to application and policy issuance, endorsements, cancellations, and advanced reporting. In the end, this means greater productivity and revenues for all parties.

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SwiftRater is more than just a flexible Rating and Quoting platform for your website.

Take advantage of our robust foundation to define your products, rating logic, and forms with zero constraints. Provide your audience with friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing workflows from which they can quickly rate and obtain quotes and applications.

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Does your organization struggle with out-of-box software that doesn't quite fit your business model, requiring the use of multiple loosely-coupled applications from different vendors? At Delacion we have vast experience architecting, prototyping, and developing custom solutions that address our clients exact needs. We can help you simplify the complexity of your technology systems by developing comprehensive software solutions that consolidate all your business processes into easy to use applications that facilitate staff training and significantly reduce IT overhead.

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Delacion offers Systems Integration services to facilitate the interconnection of disparate systems, thus eliminating the need for data re-entry, minimizing exposure to data input errors, and providing management with the analytics and business intelligence necessary for key decision-making.

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